Private Investigator Career (Vampire friendly)

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The Sims 4 Career: Private Investigator Career (Vampire friendly)

Private Investigator Career

I thought the game was still missing “The real Snoop” on the streets, a career that should be fun to play, picking up some game mechanics that i felt left behind. Also there are not many late time jobs and the old movie private investigator lives between shady alleys and fine dining restaurants.

This is a one track, 5 level, rabbit hole career, without rewards, chance cards, or daily tasks and was created with Neias Create-A-Career-Tool Beta. (Neia_Career_Commons package is needed.)

This mod was created with patch 4/17/2018 for PC Vers.

Private Investigator
Your pet ran away? Your spouse works odd times? Somebody put bubblebath into your pool? A loved one has been abducted by aliens? Time to hire someone with P.I. on his businesscard, to discretely find out whats really going on.

Level 1: Trashcan Diver 20$/h
Investigation sometimes is a dirty business. Literally. But it makes the task of writing and filing the reports afterwards an almost joyful activity – after you took a long shower.
Work: -T-TF-S 8pm-2am
Mood: Happy
Objective: Photography 2 Writing 2

Level 2: Ear-On-The-Door 35$/h
You’ve practised sneaking with dedication, and it’s very useful when it comes to eavesdropping on people through a piece of sturdy wood, or any other material, only glass is your enemy.
Work: -T-T-SS 8pm-2am
Mood: Focused
Objective: Photography 3 Writing 3

Level 3: Camera Zoom Maestro 75$/h
Sometimes pictures say more than words. And so that 300mm telezoom you’ve bought comes in Handy, when people belive their eyes more than your really well written reports. With your steady hands you are able to take a shot of a fly on a wall from half a mile away.
Work: -T-T-SS 8pm-2am
Mood: Confident
Objective: Photography 4 Writing 4

Level 4: Inconspicious Disguise Artisan 110$/h
When neither sneaking nor spying from afar are an option, it’s time for a immaculate disguise! You’ve got a wide collection of wigs and false beards as well as a closet full of clothes for any style or profession one could think of. No Capes, of course.
Work: -TW-FS- 8pm-2am
Mood: Inspired
Objective: Photography 5 Writing 5

Level 5: Accredited Snoop 150$/h
All that footwork pays out pretty well. And you’ve made a buck or two from selling some detective noire novels to a publisher under an alias. There have been burning paper bags at your doorstep from time to time, but you’ve got the hang of it, and a bucket of sand at the door.
Work: -TW-FS- 8pm-2am
Mood: Confident

If you like it, let me know, also if you run into any problems, i’ve tested it, but nobody is perfect. =)

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to Neia for her Career Tool Beta and the great support.


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