Ask for treats and satisy trick or treat holiday tradition.



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The Sims 4 MOD: Ask for treats and satisy trick or treat holiday tradition.

Does the trick or treat holiday tradition bother you because almost no kids come to your house and therefore many sims won’t be able to satisfy it? Does it seem stupid that kids love the trick or treat tradition, but can’t get any candy themselves.

This mod unlocks the treat interaction (from the trick or treat challenge) as well as unlocks the ask for party treats interaction outside of spooky parties. Furthermore, doing either of these socials will satisfy the trick or treat holiday tradition.

The first treat interaction allows sims (teen and older) to give a treat to another sim (child and older)
The ask for party treats allows sims (child and older) to ask another sim for a treat (teen and older)
Both of these interactions are animated (same animation) , and include one sim giving a treat to the other, and than that sim eating the treat immediately.

The first interaction treat is disabled for autonomous, because it also gives the person who initiates it a +2 happy buff
the ask for party treats interaction is allowed for autonomous, but edited so younger sims are more likely to perform it autonomously.

With this mod, you can simulate your sims trick or treating by going to a community lot (or walking around the public space) and asking other sims for party treats (i.e. candy)

The mod edits the following resources.

One mod that conflicts with this is the mod by kawaiistacie which can be found here
the only thing that conflicts is the holidayTraditionGoal_GiveTrickorTreat, as she has her own rabbithole trick or treat interaction which gives the sim candy.

If you want to make the mods compatible, you can either open her mod in sim studio and delete holidayTraditionGoal_GiveTrickorTreat or you can edit the file and add these two lines to the holidayTraditionGoal_GiveTrickorTreat under affordances

Hope you enjoy the mod and have fun trick or treating.


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