That’s the Spirit



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That’s the Spirit for The Sims 4

by SIMcredible!

Since Sims1 we have troubles to place the easel in a common area. We usually place our poor painter outside, far away from home or, when sims3 arrived, in the basement 😛 When our painter earned money enough we built an atelier, but before this, our sim painter was always so alone…
This set was made with the purpose to make the easel be part of the room with beauty 🙂 So, now our painters will be able to paint with their family and friends around 🙂
We thought we achieved the goal. So, that’s the spirit!

available at TSR

Creator Notes

*You can recolor our meshes but please do not include the mesh and give us a visible direct link back to the proper mesh page. Thank you!

ID: SC4-103077


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