The Bucket



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Sims 4 The Bucket

by RoyIMVU

With no other options, Sims might find themselves having to rely on a bucket. At least it flushes (somehow).

I created this because I grew tired of having to try to set up tiny toilets with debug bucket to try to simulate this without CC. It can be hard to position it so it simulated the sims using it so I went ahead and made a CC to eliminate this barrier so sims can freely relieve themselves in a bucket. It is pretty much maxis match as it is an enhanced version of the debug bucket, though the additional swatches may not match as well.

This object functions in the place of a conventional toilet and can be pranked, broken, cleaned and repaired. It must be a magic bucket.

Filesize: 226 KB kB

Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Do not include mesh

Available to download for free at The Sims Resource


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