4 Florescent Ceiling Lights – SET



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Sims 4 4 Florescent Ceiling Lights – SET

by TyrAVB

Created for: The Sims 4

This is a Set with 4 Creations – Click here to show all

This universal and economical type of light fixtures after existing for so long now can be nowadays found literally everywhere, on every continent, in any type of facility or home, anywhere where lighting has to provide good, deficient light and to be affordable. This Items is probably most interesting to players that tend to create more industrial and commercial lots, but can be equally useful in different home situations, like garages, basements, washrooms or basically anywhere if it fits the design of the home.

Twelve Swatches altogether: 2 Types (Single Tube and Double Tube), both in 2 Sizes (1 Tile and 2 Tiles), all in 3 colors (White, Gray and Black).

Three Swatches: White, Gray, Black.

Filesize: 1 MB kB

Recoloring Allowed: See TOU on my profile page

Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio


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