Welmar 116 Upright Piano

CREATED BY PeterJames88


This piano is a small upright, based on the 116 model made by the English manufacturer Welmar. It is described as being in a Regency style, but made in 1982. I’ve included 3 swatches, but the darkest wood is closest to the one i modelled it on. It is the as close as possible to the correct scale and will fit nicely in even the smallest apartment, tiny lot or student room.
Special thanks to Peacemaker, as I adapted his wood palette textures for this model.

Base-game compatible and functional.
Use the alt key to place exactly where you want. It is a narrower (correct) depth, so doesn’t fill entire in-game tiles.
You can find it in the creative section of Hobbies & Skills
It cost $6995
Poly count is 3458 at LOD-0


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