SimPeopleRampage TS4 Tsvetka Art from Deviant Art.

CREATED BY LolabelleSims

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SimPeopleRampage TS4 Tsvetka Art from Deviant Art. for The Sims 4

by LolabelleSims

Available at The Sims Resource

The wonderful artist Tsvetka has kindly given me permission to use her work. There are four images in this file, but this is only part 2. I will be adding more parts in the future.

Check out Tsvetka at and her Facebook page at She is a truly talented artist!

Mesh is by me. You can recolor this mesh but please don’t re-use the images since the art isn’t mine and is copyrighted.

Credits: Sims 4 Studio, TSR Workshop, Blender, and Photoshop CS6

ID: SC4-130925


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