Ratatouille restaurant set

CREATED BY Syboulette


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This is a big set to make a fully functional restaurant, from the outside to the kitchen, with tables, chairs, shelfs, desk, stations, and many clutter. I made an overhaul of all necessary items from Dine Out, but you’ll also find basegame (and decor only) versions of them if you don’t own the DLC. All written items are also available in both english or simlish version. 
I hesitated in adding the patio heater as I don’t (ecologically) approve of them. I decided to still include one, but added all the bad specs from ecolifestyle: power consumption, negative ecofootprint and bad environment score. Sorry 😁
And to finish, I made the build available to download: it is fully functional and playtested ! Check the thumbnail below.


  • Includes 42 items
  • 4 items requires the Dine Out DLC (2 cooking stations and the host & waiter stations). Everything else is basegame compatible. The basegame/decor version of the waiter station has glasses and the basegame version of the host station doesn’t have the phone.
  • The Dine Out host station doesn’t have slots for decor items as it was not working with it. Use bb.moveobjects and 0-9 to add objects, or T.O.OL.
  • The small square table is a variation of the long rectangle table from my Birthday set.
  • Menus has simlish swatches while the reserved and restaurant signs are separated package. You can choose to include them or not.
  • All items are lowpoly except for the 2 cooking stations (11k)


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