Pluteum set

CREATED BY Syboulette


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This set is all about shelves cc ! You’ll get many options for all wall heights with cutout shelves, but also two corner shelves and some modular niches to create a built-in shelving unit. I also added a bathroom niche with tiles and glass board.
I have cluttered the planks with many slots, but as we are limited to the amount of bones in an item, I recommend the OMSP red shelf and/or the T.O.O.L. mod if you like your build cluttered.


  • Includes 20 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • You’ll need to enter the cheat bb.moveobjects to place items on the shelves.
  • The niche items have a white plaster frame behind the wall to compensate their depth.
  • Small issue: Items put on the niche can be darken if the shelf is placed upon an exterior wall (because the game will consider they’re outside). Just double the wall to avoid that ! 🙂
  • All items are low poly


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