Margaux kitchen set

CREATED BY Syboulette


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This new kitchen set has been designed with an industrial vibe and a will to be different from usual cabinets and counters. For that, I included modular opened metal shelving system and hanged from ceiling shelves for three wall heights. And for all those slots, what’s better than… more kitchen clutter ?😋 Among the accessories, the electric kettle is functional (as a tea brewer) and the box containers have simlish version. 

This set comes in 6 swatches variation: black, grey, white, buttercream (light beige), desert mist (coral-pink) and willow (yellow mustard).

Hope you’ll enjoy it !



    • Includes 24 items
    • All items are basegame compatible and functional
    • Everything is relatively lowpoly. Higher items are the garlic on board (5k), the electric kettle (5k) and the kitchen utensils (5k).
    • Kitchen containers have simlish swatches.


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