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The hotel set is finally here !❤ Sorry if it took a little bit longer than expected, I struggled about making a mini fridge that could fit under the desk without success so i decided not to included it… So this collection has “only” 49 items. 😛

With those items, you’ll be able to build an hotel (not functional as it’s not available (yet ?) among EA’s DLC but I’m guessing you could try to make it work with some mods). It has everything to decorate the lobby/reception area with a six parts sectional curved sofas, coffee table, desk, mail boxes, clutter, luggages trolley and suitcases and new plants. For the rooms, you’ll find a bed with a large headboard frame and some clean sheets, a wall mounted desk with a design chair and a nice minimalist wall lamp. I also included hotel doors with card reader handles, and another version with “do not disturb/please make the room” signs.

Finally… An hotel wouldn’t have been complete without the famous geometric carpet from Shining 😂 While this one is a wink to a classic movie, I did include two nice carpet floors !


  • Includes 49 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • All written items (blue numbers) have simlish separated package versions
  • a few items are bought models and reworked then converted meshes. 
  • Polycount for this set is mixed. Some are lowpoly while other are higher like all the plants (from 7k to 16k for the most leafy), the pillows (7k), the elm tree (7k) and the sofa sections (6k)


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