Hortensia set

CREATED BY Syboulette


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This is a set to build the perfect garden, backyard or terrasse. It contains build items like fence with gate, floor decking, large arbors and pergola, but also functional animated fountains, deco planters, a shed with tools, and a large choice of trees, bushes, plants and flowers.

I spent a looooot of time on this one, but I was also helped by converting some models I bought thanks to the support you’re giving me through patreon. Many items like the trees and flowers are not meshed by me, as I wouldn’t be that good …and that quick ! Careful though, as all the flowers and invy are high polygons (not the trees and the plants though !)

  • Includes 42 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Items are optimized: some are low poly, some a bit higher but never more than necessary. Higher items are the both Ivy pergolas, the three small trees  and the 5 flower items.


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