Cross Room 7 – Sora (Kingdom Heart)

CREATED BY DuoDraconis


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based on Kingdom Heart (Sora – I won’t denied that there is some Roxas and Ventus in the mix)

contains 42 items (41 base game and 1 snowy escape based)

  • 17 furniture items
  • 22 clutter and decoration items
  • 10 interaction items

Frame Image by @ayanesigai (pixiv)

Have fun with the set. In case you find an error or issue, please contact me. As much I tried to eliminate every mistake, things can happening and I appreciate every help to make my work flawless.

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  1. Al

    Hello, I can’t put the bed. The first package is broken. Can you update this, please

  2. DuoDraconis

    Hi, its a know issue but its not a problem with vanilla sims. It works fine. There is a problem with another CC and as long nobody can tell me which other CC is creating the issue I can plain not fix it. There aren’t a fix me button.

  3. Al

    Ok, I’m going to do some testing to see where it’s coming from. Hoping I find it.

  4. Al

    Alors j’ai testé sans mes mod, script etc et le lit n’apparait toujours pas. Donc j’ai tout remis en place, et last exception m’a donner ça :
    Exception Date: 2023-10-12 23:09:16
    Game Version:
    Category ID:
    Recommended Action There is bad tuning in this mod: XRoom_KH_Sora_DuoDraconis_01_Furniture.package
    Delete it from your mods folder or see if the author has an updated version.
    Please also review the Broken Mods section below.

    Possible Cause
    (Confidence: 100%)
    Reason Exception in , args: (242650796793569269, 778579211320426586, {35E119D33589FF5,0,World}, Transform(Vector3(292.473419, 150.000061, 384.057678), Quaternion(0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000)), 0, (0, 0), 0), kwargs: {} KeyError(‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__9 on object_bedDoubleC_01:0x0ace11aae842005a[8]’) (KeyError: ‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__9 on object_bedDoubleC_01:0x0ace11aae842005a[8]’)

    I don’t know what that means, I hope you understand. Sorry

  5. Al

    I found the solution. it’s from high school year. We need to fix the bug with sims4 studio. In content manager, batch fixies, objects and fix bed slot. Sims4 studio (Wishies)

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