Diane Office set

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This is a set to make an office area with a wooden wall desk cluttered with notebooks and files, an Ikea chair, a stand shelf,  a functional laptop, a lots of boxes (I’m addicted to boxes) and some notebooks (I’m addicted to notebooks too). 
I really had fun with the texture on this one, which allowed me to practice new stuff I learned with Substance Painter and my courses. I am also so glad that you choose the interior theme oriented because interior sets are kind of my first love regarding cc, and I missed doing simple objects like those. I’m a happy creator. 🥰


  • Includes 14 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is low poly except the laptop (8k) and the vases with plants (8k) which are rather mid poly.
  • The desk organizer is actually the very first object I modeled EVER: it was designed for my 3D Printer. I have it at home, and you can download the .stl file HERE if you have a 3D printer 🙂


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