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Watch the showcase video here ! 

When they announced the Dream Home Decorator DLC I was pretty excited because for once the gameplay matches the build part of The Sims 4 that I like so much. So I immediately wanted an alpha version of a designer office, but also more items to decorate what could be any designer/architect office. But as usual, everything is basegame compatible !! I also included functional vending machines, using the mini mod from my favorite creator, @Ravasheen

There’s also a small easter egg with pictures from @Eniosta creations among the small samples picture 😉

Although the gamepack did not turned out as good as it was announced and kind of glitchy, I do love the new office building of my Sim… ! The build lot will be available for download later, after I finish another set that will be completing it nicely… (*teasing*) 😉


  • Includes 31 items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Most items are lowpoly, except the meeting chair (9k) and the wall lamp (8k)
  • You’ll need Ravasheen’s functional vending machine mod.
  • Some items will need bb.moveobjects to be placed correctly. Use 9 and 0 to place the architect lamp on surface other than Desk !


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