Soren nursery set

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This week, I worked on a new nursery set ! I was inspired by the awesome animated custom items made by Pandasama, and included a functional changing table in this set (although it works with toddlers, not babies !). I also included a version of the dresser without the mat that can be used for changing clothes. The mobile is also animated and will slowly spin.

I’ll make soon a toddler room to fit this one so you can use all of them together in the process of raising your kids in the game !


  • Includes 17 new items
  • All items are basegame compatible
  • You’ll need Pandasama Toddler Changing Table for the its to be functional.
  • You’ll need the Invisible Crib mod to make the Crib functional. Please read instructions HERE.
  • The mobile are available in all three weight and is animated.
  • All items are low poly except


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