Christmas morning living

CREATED BY jomsims

Published October 19, 2017

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Christmas morning living for The Sims 4

by jomsims

Available at The Sims Resource

Christmas morning living .Hello here my christmas set living .To think about the theme of the TSR for sims 4.
1 sofa with cushions deco in 2 colors white and gray. 1 plaid decorativ for sofa, find in category rugs . 1 coffee table 3 colors and metal with tablecloth deco.1 fireplace 2 colors and metal. modern. 1 wall light stars differents colors .1 wall stars deco no ligth differents colors.1 tree christmas with deco in 3 colors .1 deco ball for christmas tree 2 styles.
A modern christmas set for your sims .To celebrate the christmas celebrations
the set was tested in the game!!!

Creator Notes

find deco plaid in category rugs.
the set was tested in the game!!!

ID: SC4-107387


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