Elvarli hallway

CREATED BY spacesims


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Elvarli hallway for The Sims 4

by spacesims

Stylish furniture pieces adorn this hallway. The tonal color palette and delicate line work evoke a timeless quality. This trendy hallway features clean lines and striking designs. It makes for a great choice when it comes to small interiors because this hallway is the perfect space saver!

Creator Notes

*Use the bb.moveobjects cheat and press and hold the ALT key to place the objects as shown on the screenshot.*
This creation has been made with the Limited Edition of the Sims 4. To find the objects that belong to this set more easily, please type “Elvarli hallway” into the search bar in game. Please take note that Custom Content is not compatible with the Sims’ inventory yet. If you put a custom object into your Sim’s inventory, you will have to sell the object and buy it again from the catalogue.
Please do not re-upload or claim as your own.
Spacesims, TSR, TSRAA

Credits: TSR, EA

ID: SC4-101854


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