Arden Dining Room


Published October 20, 2017

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Arden Dining Room for The Sims 4

by SIMcredible!

Available at The Sims Resource

We brought this time for your Sims4 this simple modern but stylish set. It has 11 pieces, mostly with 3 colors variations.

available at TSR

* The pictures seen to have a modern window but in fact, it is just a glass separator in window area. Buildmode is not our cup of tea so we improvised with this glass piece. It’s from our site []. Under dining room area, velvet set. For more details you can read our TSR’s minisite blog explaining how we use it ^^

Creator Notes

*You can recolor our meshes but please do not include the mesh and give us a visible direct link back to the proper mesh page. Thank you!

ID: SC4-103447


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