Alanya dining room

CREATED BY Severinka_

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Alanya dining room for The Sims 4

by Severinka_

Available at The Sims Resource

Set of furniture Alania for dining room in classic style.

The set includes several full cabinets, as well as sections for preparation of modular furniture. You can create a lot of different variants of furniture.
Corner cabinets can also be put in a corner of the room, but at the same time, use the ALT button for more accurate placement.

For Installation round table for 6 persons requires of Backyard Stuff Pack

The set includes 10 objects:
– big cupboard
– big dreser
– round table for 6 persons
– dining chair
– wall mirror
– narrow cupboard (section)
– left corner cupboard (section)
– right corner cupboard (section)
– left bedside table (section)
– right bedside table (section)

Creator Notes

Created by Severinka

Credits: TSRAA

ID: SC4-106603


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