The Guardian Angel Painting


Published October 19, 2017

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The Guardian Angel Painting for The Sims 4

by Shylaria

Available at The Sims Resource

This 19th century painting is one of the most beloved and reproduced paintings in the art world. The original artist is unknown, but its believed that the painting is based on Psalm 91:11 – For he shall give his Angels charge over thee. To keep thee in all thy ways.

The painting comes with five different color frames to compliment any rooms color scheme. The frame colors are Black, Brown, Gold, Silver and White. Each frame has its own color swatch.

This creation is a retexture of the painting Jazz Cats: Whiskers of a Forgotten Past, in the Sims 4 base game. It can be found in Buy Mode/Decorations/Paintings and Posters

The Sims 4 Studio and were used to make this creation.

Please do not upload this creation to any other site or claim it as your own.

Credits: EA, The Sims 4 Studio,, the TSR artists who inspire me

ID: SC4-124468


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