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Scania Build Set – Windows and Trims for The Sims 4

by Kriss

Scania Build Set returns! A large set bringing scandinavian styled building objects to Sims 4.

The first part consists of 7 different window styles and 3 different windowtrims that can be mixed and matched to fit any building style from country cottage to goth mansion. Windows can be used without the windowtrims as well. All items comes in 1-tile and 2-tile versions with 4 wood colours each.

This was my first upload to TS3 almost 5 years ago and I have left most of the set intact. The only thing missing is the arched windowtrim that refused to look nice in the game because of the TS4 outdoor light.

For more color options follow the recommended link.

The matching doors will be available here on TSR as soon as they are finished 🙂 .

Credits: Mutske for holding my hand and guiding me through the TS4 creation process

ID: SC4-114328


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