Industry Windows for All Wall Sizes Pt. 1


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Industry Windows for All Wall Sizes Pt. 1 for The Sims 4

by BuffSumm

Available at The Sims Resource

Your Sim want to live in an authentic factory building?
Now you get the chance to build your Sims what they want!
The Industry Series continues with the Windows for ALL wall heights. Counter and Small Windows – different Versions.
You get 22 new Windows in this set… Open, Closed, Curved and so on 🙂
I hope you will have fun with this Set – the next Sets will continue 🙂

Creator Notes

Objects are placed with bb.moveobjects on!
You are NOT allowed to claim my objects as your own!
You are NOT allowed to recolor my objects including the mesh but you are allowed to make a ‘recolor only’ and upload on TSR without mesh included!
Please make sure your game is patched and up to date to let the objects works corectly in game.

Credits: All my wonderfull friends!!!

ID: SC4-108482


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