Altara Build Set

CREATED BY NynaeveDesign


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Altara Build Set for The Sims 4

by NynaeveDesign

Simple geometry, clean lines and the overt abandonment of architectural ornamentation characterize these windows and doors. Efficient and affordable with matching curtains, wall and floor patterns.

Objects in this set:

Windows (tile, left and right end)
Minimalist Windows (tile, left and right end)
Modular Windows (tile, left and right end)
Door and Glass Door
Double Door and Glass Double Door
Curtains (modular and 1, 2 and 3 tiles)
Pallet Walls
Glossy Walls (tile, half tile, left and right corner)

** BB.MOVEOBJECTS ON was used for the screenshots. **

Creator Notes

Select the color you prefer before placing the objects.

Do not modify / convert / re-texture my meshes.
Do not re-upload or claim my objects as your own.

Credits: Anja

ID: SC4-101827


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