Super mario kids bedroom

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Super mario kids bedroom for The Sims 4

by jomsims

This time, I confess that I enjoyed myself. See the children’s room. Super Mario Bros.this game is also part, games, who rocked my childhood.
I searched everywhere on the furniture themes of Mario, unfortunately I did not find much. So I inspired him to play even creates the set. So do not look real furniture, they do not exist. Only shelf exists.
1 table pipes mario. 1 table cube mario. kids single bed mario with mario headboard.1 shelf.3 giant maxi poster mario.1 table lmap mario flowers 3 differents styles.
1 ceiling light star mario. 1 seta table too money mario. 1 x4 differents rugs mario.1ceilingdeco pipes mario. 1 toybox mario.
Indulge in your little sims, with Mario Bros. bedroom.
i use my set in game sims 4 last update . i creat my set with TSR workshop last version.

Creator Notes

I use my set in game sims 4 last update.
i creat my set with TSR workshop last version.

ID: SC4-107542


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