Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Kids

CREATED BY TheNumbersWoman

Published October 20, 2017

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Shabby Bargain Shabby Chic Kids for The Sims 4

by TheNumbersWoman

Available at The Sims Resource

We decided to scour the dumps, garage sales, and trash cans to grab some cheap kids things….So you had kids and couldn’t really afford them. Stuff happens. Refurbished the best we could with that good old cheap labor you can now give those kids some ….cough….things for their room. So it has some splinters. Just put the shelves up high out of reach. Problem solved and the grandmas will think you did a wonderful job on a budget. This set has 3 color options on most of the objects. The large bunny can be played with by the kids, although the facial expressions don’t work. Hey….what do you want for cheap? The kids will get this and be lucky. You tell them that!

ID: SC4-106484


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