Serene Hues



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Serene Hues for The Sims 4

by SIMcredible!

Our intention with this bedroom is having a ‘messy’ look and feel in the room. Like if your sim wake up in a rush and have to go to work without straighten the bedroom first 😉
If you instead prefer a straighten well organized room, just replace this bed for some other. Our other beds sometimes have similar wood colors so, they should fit like a charm ^^


available at TSR

Creator Notes

To place the shelf below the fireplace, you need to use bb.moveobjects cheat

The fireplace has a wall fireplace design but it was cloned from a regular fireplace so, it acts like one. It is not possible to go up and down on wall.

Objects not listed in recommended tab are from

*You can recolor our meshes but please do not include the mesh and give us a visible direct link back to the proper mesh page. Thank you!

ID: SC4-101301


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