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Gloss for The Sims 4

by SIMcredible!

by request we are bringing to Sims4 the Gloss set. Although we couldn’t make it with same effects of sims3 (please read the notes) we created this room in 2 more colors than the original, bringing 4 total colors and added some pieces to beautify it even more ^^ by

available at TSR

Creator Notes

* On sims3 times it was possible to add a black piano finish in top surfaces. But on sims4 seems it doesn’t work. We spent hours trying to add a top horizontal reflective surface but nothing we tried so far worked. Reflective finish only works in vertical (like we did in our Serene hues dresser doors). So, we made some adjustments on diffuses and specular, making the surfaces somewhat reflective but taking care to not having them with a fake finish.
Hope you still enjoy this room although it is not equal of sims3 version.

*Objects not listed in recommended tab are from

*You can recolor our meshes but please do not include the mesh and give us a visible direct link back to the proper mesh page. Thank you!

ID: SC4-101341


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