Charlotte bedroom

CREATED BY spacesims


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Charlotte bedroom for The Sims 4

by spacesims

This is a large, welcoming traditional master bedroom with elegant furniture. This bedroom is a perfect choice for adult Sims but the provided color variations make this bedroom just as inviting for teenagers!

Creator Notes

This creation has been made with the Limited Edition of the Sims 4. To find the objects that belong to this set more easily, please type “Charlotte” in the search bar in game. Please take note that Custom Content is not compatible with the Sims’ inventory yet. If you put a custom object into your Sim’s inventory, you will have to sell the object and buy it again from the catalogue. The pillows from this set are only for use with the provided bed and the provided bedding. To place the canopy properly, please use the “bb.moveobjects” cheat before placing it. To change the colors of the bed that has already been put in the game, please delete the old color variation and buy the bed again using the desired color variations. All of the other objects can be recolored properly using the color picker tool.
Please do not re-upload or claim as your own.
Spacesims, TSR, TSRAA

Credits: TSR, EA

ID: SC4-102562


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