Ercazia bathroom

CREATED BY jomsims

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Ercazia bathroom for The Sims 4

by jomsims

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Ercazia bathroom zen atmosphere. for this new bathroom, in 4 shades.
bathtub. sink. sink part2. 2 ceiling light.1 fireplace. 1 separator. shower..
for the separator i use bb.moveobjects. and alt+mouse.
and for the part 2 sink the sims pass through because it s a part 2 of sink.
i use my set i game sims 4.
i creat my set with tsr workshop
i use pralinesims walls, and floors. thank you
Happy simming!

Creator Notes

Separator, i use bb moveobjects, or and ALT +mouse. and for fireplace too
Part 2 for sink.The sims goes through.Because, it is part 2 of the sink. Find in area misc dÚco, in game.
i use my set i game sims 4 .
i creat my set with TSR workshop
i use pralinesims walls and floors thank you


ID: SC4-101231


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