Bathroom lemingstone

CREATED BY jomsims

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Bathroom lemingstone for The Sims 4

by jomsims

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im inspired by ron tangler and love iron set sims 3 for this bathroom and of course lemingstone living same serie.
1 oval bathtub texture solid and metal. solid grey and 1 white color. 1 ottomane. 3 colors.1 shower 2 colors and metal texture.1 products deco for bathroom .1 wall shelf deco with towels and bathroom products. 4 paintings. 1 floor wood . 1 sink 2 colors and metal texture. 1 mirror very metal texture. towels deco 6 differents colors with effigy lemingstone. candles decorativ in 3 colors variation. and 1 deco clothes basket 2 colors.
A very modern bathroom with metal texture very realistic.
All items have been tested in the game sims 4

Creator Notes

All items have been tested in the game sims 4

ID: SC4-103916


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