Asian bathroom

CREATED BY Severinka_

Published October 20, 2017

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Asian bathroom for The Sims 4

by Severinka_

Available at The Sims Resource

Bathroom in oriental style. Direct forms, a natural dark wood, national ornament – combine perfectly and create a unique atmosphere of warmth and east comfort.
In addition to traditional bathtubs and showers, is set in a traditional Japanese hot bath – ofuro.

The set includes 14 items:
* sink on the counter
* cabinet closed
* cabinet open
* low cabinet
* corner box
* traditional tub
* shower
* bath ofuro
* bench
* round mirror
* mirror in the form of a fan
* bamboo plant
* geta
* bottles of perfume

All the furniture in two colors – dark brown and black.

Creator Notes

Created in TSR Workshop
All objects are updated in the game.

Credits: TSRAA

ID: SC4-102420


  1. Nomi

    All of your mods are amazing. Issues with the mirror(s). The fan mirror doesn’t work when placed, I redownloaded in June last year thinking I must have had an outdated version, but it still didn’t work. (Yes, just now remembering to mention it.) I don’t believe the other mirror worked at all either. Only a few of your mods and some skin textures were installed on the first trials. If you’re still supporting these any more! 😀
    That’s the only trouble I’ve had with any of your mods. Love your work! (Oh, and the clocks don’t show up when searching for, “clock,” in items, or under Clocks in the bedroom sort, but that’s another pack. lol And they DO work when found.)

  2. Nomi

    Oh! And why, oh why did you have to use the only uncomfortable shower, out of all the showers, as the foundation for the shower in this mod!? :'( Sorry. I’m whining. It all looks amazing, but my sims hate that shower.

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