Altara Bathroom

CREATED BY NynaeveDesign

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Altara Bathroom for The Sims 4

by NynaeveDesign

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Taking a bath at night, when everything is quiet, it’s like hitting the reset button.
This spacious private room displays a large shower area dressed in glass and a free-standing bathtub so that the owners can choose between a quick shower and a long bath while enjoying panoramic views over treetops and the sparkling lake.

Objects in this set:

Altara Sink
Altara Toilet
Altara Bathtub
Altara Shower Panel
Altara Mirror
Altara Ceiling Fixture
Altra Sideboard
Altara Cabinet
Altara Shelves
Altara Shelves (Shiftable)
Altara Ceiling Decor
Altara Glass Panel
Altara Bathroom Rug
Altara Toilet Rug
Altara Shower Mat

** BB.MOVEOBJECTS ON cheat was used for the screenshots. **

Creator Notes

Select the color you prefer before placing the objects.
Using the design tool on Custom Content objects might trigger a “script call error”.

Do not modify / convert / re-texture my meshes.
Do not re-upload or claim my objects as your own.

ID: SC4-102239


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