Eyelash Pack N07

CREATED BY Pralinesims


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Eyelash Pack N07 for The Sims 4

by Pralinesims

Lashes in 5 styles, 2 colors.

ID: SC4-100703


  1. Smilla

    I lovee itt!!

  2. LMCS1970

    I wonder how the new catalog will impact the income growth of your creations. I have used and adored your beautiful makeup and skin for years. With Sims 5 in the near future, I wonder if you will leave this catalog FREE or if you will move all your work to another website for pay-only? I do want to support your work and felt by paying a VIP fee here that I was doing that, however, I see that there is access to your items to download without paying. I feel compelled to let you know this as I am not sure you know or are aware. That said, I would love to keep up with your creations should you decide to solely market outside of the simscatalog.com Let me know where I can continue to follow you and if possible would you please reply to my message so I can ask a few more questions? Thank you so much. Love Laura (theoctanepumpkin) my sims4 user name.

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