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The Sims 4 Faeries of the Seasons Outfit (Mesh)

by alin2

This is a collection of 31 outfits for faeries, nymphae, sirens, dryads, or any mythical creature you wish, each inspired by a season of the year. I also made an extra outfit based on Tinkerbell 🙂
(The pictures don’t show all the 31 outfits)

It can be found in Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Sleep, Party and is categorized in the subcategory of full body outfits – Lingerie tab.

The wings in the pictures are mostly my recolors of Esmeralda Glass Wings (from mod the sims) and they are an accessory NOT included, but available to download on Esmeralda profile at MTS.

If anybody gets interested in the recolors I did of the wings, I can upload them on request too, later.

Leggings or pantyhose on some sims in the pics I will hopefully upload in a very near future.

I hope you enjoy and have fun!

-Please don’t reupload and claim as your work-

*Special Thanks to Harmonia for hew teddy lingerie set that made me see that I could change the alpha to avoid bad lines on full body lingerie and using a full body mesh and not separated naked top/bottom as base.

Also thank you all the creators of the wonderful custom hair/accessories/shoes/make up used on the sim’s models.

Creator Notes

Made with Sims4Studio and Sim4PE.
Thank you both.

Credits: Harmonia

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  • Type: Outfits
  • Recoloring Allowed: Yes – Uploaded on TSR only

  • ID: SC4-102101

    Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Women’s Outfit , Everyday , Female , Adult


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