D.Va Varsity Jacket V2



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The Sims 4 D.Va Varsity Jacket V2 (Mesh)

by Luna-Moth

The D.Va Varsity Jacket was my first ever CC so i was excited to upload it as soon as I thought I was done, though later on I thought it was too simple. I added the sponsor logos you see on her suit and MEKA to make it look more detailed and changed the font on the back to one found on most other Varsity jackets.

You can also find me over on tumblr at Luna-Moth-Sim.tumblr.com where I take requests!

  • Recolor or New: New Item
  • Type: Tops
  • Recoloring Allowed: No
  • Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

  • ID: SC4-124803

    Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Women’s Jacket , Everyday , Female , Adult


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