Sequin Royalty Set



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The Sims 4 Sequin Royalty Set

by drteekaycee

This is a Set with 3 Creations

This ensemble will make your female Sims look like a beautiful Queen! She will remind you of Queen Sheba. She has a beautiful face-up from Skin Details, A beautiful mermaid Black & Blue Sequin gown and matching shoes. This will surely make a hit in your Sims home world!

Creator Notes

There was an additional skintone used created by Chisami that gives the model a realistic look. Face up is made of jewelry, eye make up, upper eyelashes, cheeks and lips.

Credits: hair by drteekaycee and willow creek additional skintone by Chisami

ID: SC4-134091

Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Women’s Clothing Set , Female , Adult


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