The Sims 4 Sword Art Online Anime Tank Tops (Mesh)

by WWOM_KittyKatt

Available at The Sims Resource

A set of four tank tops decorated with prints from the anime and manga Sword Art Online. Made for female teens, young adults, adults and elders.

Creator Notes

I love SAO so I decided to make shirts from it! I think the turned out pretty good, although the quality of the pictures isn’t great.

By the way, I also made two other sets of anime t-shirts but I didn’t feel they were quite good enough to upload. Tell me in the comments if you think I should just submit them!

Also, make sure to leave a like to give me a chance in the featured artists lottery! It would be SO great (and unlikely) to be featured and I would be very happy.
And I am SO SORRY that there’s a picture for two of the shirts! I couldn’t get the other picture the correct size for the life of me! It was not from lack of effort, I spent a good forty minutes trying.

As always, I used Croppola and Befunky to prepare the preview pictures and The Sims 4 Studio to make the shirts.Here’s the links:

Sims 4 Studio Website:

  • Type: Tops
  • Recoloring Allowed: No
  • Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

  • ID: SC4-134954

    Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Women’s Tank Top , Everyday , Female , Adult

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