Miroir set

CREATED BY Syboulette


Published January 20, 2021

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This is a set to make a mirror house ! It includes full width/full height one way window to make disappear your home in nature, or just build a room where creepy sims can spy on each other.

The windows requires the Get to Work extension ! I usually try to make all my items basegame compatible as I want the most of you to enjoy my content, but I couldn’t make it work on basegame item. Sorry about that !

  • Includes 15 items
    Windows requires Get To Work expansion. Doors are basegame compatible.
  • Contains 12 windows: one tile, two tiles, three tiles, diagonal tile – on short, medium and tall height. Front is mirror, back is transparent and completely see through.
  • Contains 3 doors of one tile on short, medium and tall height. I couldn’t make them mirror so they’re made of dark glass with the maximum reflection I could set.
  • Everything is very low poly and very light with only one swatch.



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