Imperium build set

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This is a very big build set, all styled around concrete aesthetic. EVERYTHING is functional: there’s an unlimited column, a functional spandrel with assorted fence and railing, a functional frieze, some skylights cutout window, a basin with sunken small pool, slanted windows for all three heights, in 2 or 3 tiles and for right and left, invisible arches in all forms (2 & 3 tiles, all three heights, square and round  and two very large versions), 5 new concrete wallpapers and 3 floors, a new foundation with assorted platform, some concrete slabs, some room dividers and a support beam. 52 items in total ! 😅

This set was supposed to be even bigger as I first intended to mix this with industrial style . It was becoming too big and I have great ambition for the metal build items so I decided to split them in two, get some rest, and release the other part next week ! 

I hope you’ll have fun building with those !


  • Includes 52 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • Everything is functional and low poly
  • /! Note that there will be remaining some small artefacts around the edges of the round arches  – that’s from the game and since the last september update, it became them impossible to make perfect.


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