Forge Industrial build set

CREATED BY Syboulette


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Here is the second part of my huge build set, this time in Industrial style ! This is probably one of my favorite interior style with concrete, and my IRL livingroom is fully decorated with it 🥰 As the previous set, it has many new build items, unique spandrel and functionals assorted columns, but also animated and functional fans, windows, doors, arches, new walls, new floors, new roofs, new platform, new foundation… 49 new items in total, and all in range for all wall heights and/or different width.

This was a long and tremendous work, I hope you’ll enjoy it ! 😘

  • Includes 49 new items
  • Everything is basegame compatible.
  • All items come in range of short, medium and tall height, and sometimes in different width or opening states.
  • Everything is functional and most are low poly. Exceptions are the heavy metal doors (8k for the doubles) and the accordion window panels (10k for the tall one)
  • Spandrel has one mesh that lights differently than other. I still havn’t figured out why, I’ll update if I solve this ! 🧐
  • Both wall exhaust fan and ceiling fan are functional and animated.


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