PUZZLE FLOOR – Classic Edwardian tiles with Border



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Sims 4 PUZZLE FLOOR – Classic Edwardian tiles with Border

by TyrAVB

Created for: The Sims 4

Beautiful classic Edwardian floor tiles with border. 15 clearly marked swatches with all possible combinations of border(s) and/or corner(s), to accommodate every possible floor plan (even the crazy ones).

This is something I was thinking about for long now. There were few creations like this that I was able to find, for S2 and S4, but with much fewer puzzle pieces, 2 or 4 (I sincerely apologize in advance if there are some other more similar creation to this out there that I missed and failed to mention). I always liked this kind of floor but without all the combinations it’s hard to apply it in more specific/intricate floor plan situations. So I decided to create one, for myself and all of you to enjoy it.

Tiles are in classic Edwardian floor pattern in off white and off black, with a matte finish. Swatches are primarily created to follow any wall, corner or opening configuration, but can also be used to create intricate pattern with almost infinite number of combinations, in the middle of the floor. Just don’t forget to rotate them when your situation requires.

Swatches icons are created in simplified schematic way to clearly depict position of borders and corners on each puzzle, to make it easier for you to imidiatelly find the one you need at any moment. Although at the first glance it might look complicated, trust me, after 2-3 minutes you’ll be placing them like a pro.

If this concept proves to be loved by you, I’ll create more floors like this with different texture/color patterns.


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Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio


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