A la ferme part 1 : Fences

CREATED BY Syboulette


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A la ferme – Part 1: fences

This set is the first one of a long series in order to build a farm/cottage/countryside environment. As there are many items planned, I will separate them in several mini sets – so you can get them little by little and so I can alternate sometimes with other stuff so I don’t tired myself !I’m still waiting for S4S to update to be able to make functional items with the new EP, so for now I’m concentrating on basegame build assets. For starting, this set contains 6 new fences with assorted gates. Hope you’ll like it !

  • Everything is basegame compatible
  • All items are rather low poly
  • Some gate will need bb.moveobject in order to be placed (the tall one will get a mesage like they need short fence, I couldn’t find the reason)


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