Outdoor Retreat Socks Conversion for Children(Unisex)

CREATED BY Dragonbowl5672


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The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Socks Conversion for Children(Unisex) (Mesh)

by Dragonbowl5672

Outdoor Retreat needed
A conversion of the somewhat shorter Outdoor Retreat socks for use with male and female children instead of being restricted to Teen+.

Creator Notes

Mod is tested by me and will work with the expansion pack Outdoor Retreat, however I’m not sure if it’ll work without the expansion pack. If you don’t have Outdoor Retreat and you decide to test your luck out on this mod, then please let me know if it works without it so that I can update the description to state that.

This is my very first attempt at modding so I decided to start off with something simple like this. I hope you like this little conversion! 🙂

Known Bugs:

Credits: EA(for creating original), Dragonbowl567(for converting)

  • Recolor or New: New Item
  • Type: Bottoms
  • Recoloring Allowed: Yes
  • Creating Tool used: Sims4Studio

  • ID: SC4-134381

    Category Tags: Clothing , Fashion , Boy’s , Everyday , Male , Child


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