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Sims 3 Oakwood




Stuff Pack: Diesel and Outdoors

I present to you, Oakwood!

Welcome to Oakwood. This small forest town lies beneath the mountains and the lake of Oakwood. Surrounded by nature and an lake, it’s an must for sims who love the outdoors. This small town, has for every sim something to discover! Feel welcome in Oakwood!

Hey guys. I finally have it done and want to share it to you all! It’s my first world ever, so is there anything wrong with the file, please contact me.

I didn’t used any cc, like wow. That was some hard stuff! Expect for thosecornices from the lovely awesims. Please download those if you want it to look the same! As for the Bistro in the world, it’s by the store. I thought it looked good in the world. I don’t know what happens when you don’t have that set, but you can always delete the lot.

I have all the expansions till Seasons, so no Into the future stuff. Sorry guys 🙂 As for the accessoires, I have Diesel and Outdoors, but that’s it. I hope you guys enjoy the world and for asks you can always come to me.

NOTE: I got a lot of questions about the world size. It’s an medium sized world.

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