Couple Holding Hands Pose

Couple Holding Hands Pose for The Sims 4 by simmerally2 Thanks for clicking on this pose if you want to download it go ahead!!!You will need the sims 4 pose teleport Download that here: will also need Andrewpose player.You can download that here – to Pose: Click on your sim >pose by back> simmer ally’s poses 🙂Make sure you select the male pose for the male and female for female (or if you […]

Snob Pose Replacement

Snob Pose Replacement for The Sims 4 by simmerally2 This Pose replaces the trait snob in CASJust click on the trait ‘snob’ in cas and it should pose! Hope you enjoy this pose as much as i did making it for you guys! send me screenshots of it mebs? Twitter -@Allyandria XOXO Ally ID: SC4-130596