Author CAS Trait

Author CAS Trait for The Sims 4 by drewstacey These sims are all about creating worlds and stimulating the senses with their words. Authors easily find inspiration in anything and everything. These sims want to write all the the time and often fi ID: SC4-151081

Jock CAS trait

Jock CAS trait for The Sims 4 by drewstacey Jocks are very energetic and excited people. They can pump up a crowd and win every game. Jocks are often considered everyone’s friend and can make new ones very quickly. Jocks are also very romantic ID: SC4-151218

CAS Trait Internet Kid

CAS Trait Internet Kid for The Sims 4 by drewstacey These sims spend a lot of time on the computer and are very talented, despite what the older crowd might think. These sims also stay up way past their bed times, as they say, ├┤Internet Kids Never Slee ID: SC4-151236