Home Office

Home Office for The Sims 4 by soloriya Practical set for you home office. Includes 14 objects. Has 4 color variations. Items in the set: -desk-desk chair-table light-storage-files-pencil holder-two kinds of boxes-knitted basket with paper-bag with paper-thread pools-functional shelf-decorative shelf-cactus ID: SC4-105186

Dark Nights Bedroom

Dark Nights Bedroom for The Sims 4 by soloriya Dark Nights Bedroom set for your gothic sims. Includes 11 objects: –bed–pillows for bed–curtains for bed–end table–dresser–divider–candelabra–fireplace–butterflies–bats–spiders. ID: SC4-105469

North Star

North Star for The Sims 4 by soloriya Create your own cozy nook with this set. The set includes 16 objects: –loveseat–end table–coffee table–shelf–storage–decorative armoire–clock domino–decorative bicycle–book with a tiny plant under glass–board with cactuses–3 kinds of cactuses–3 plants with leaves ID: SC4-106321

Bye Summer

Bye Summer for The Sims 4 by soloriya Outdoor set, includes 18 objects: two cabinets with pillows, coffee table, divider and divider with a curtain, end table, floor pillows, loveseat with four pillows, hallway table, outdoor ligh, loveseat swing, pouf, wicker tray, and five kinds of vases. The set has 3 color variations. ID: SC4-106577

Autumn Melody

Autumn Melody for The Sims 4 by soloriya Adorable autumn set for your kids. Includes 15 objects: desk, chair, swin chair, dresser, entresol, storage, functional shelf, decorative ladder, abacus, owls in a box, decorative toy owl, two decorative trees and pumpkin. ID: SC4-106674


Kawaii for The Sims 4 by soloriya The cutest and sweet things for your house in Kawaii style. The set includes 5 decorative objects (Category: Decorative – Clutter) and 4 poufs (Category Comfort – Miscellaneous). ID: SC4-107403

Valentine Bathroom set

Valentine Bathroom set for The Sims 4 by soloriya Cozy bathroom essentials for your pastoral bathroom. The set includes 10 decorative objects. Each object has 4 color variations. The hair brush has 6 color variations. Also each object can be found in Decorative – Clutter category. ID: SC4-107896


Wings for The Sims 4 by soloriya Mini set for your halloween party or gothic kitchen. Has 1 color variation. Each object can be found in category Decorative – Clutter. Includes 9 objects:– two different cups (with coffee and empty)– dish with lid– pan– plate with a knife and cheese– books with a cat silhouette– cat silhouettes– ghost in a jar– jars with magic ingredients. ID: SC4-107961

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams for The Sims 4 by soloriya Fresh and adorable, this set has everything for your french country style interior. Includes 13 objects: 3 cabinets, hallway table, shelf, pictures and 7 delicious decorative types of baked products. ID: SC4-108016


Adelina for The Sims 4 by soloriya Contemporary set for your living room. Includes 14 objects. Each object has 4 color variations. ID: SC4-108382

Sea Breeze Bedroom

Sea Breeze Bedroom for The Sims 4 by soloriya Nautical set for bedroom. Has 4 color variations. Includes 16 items: –bed–bec cover–two kinds of bed pillows–dresser–end table–two coffee tables–living chair–basket with pillows–shell under glass–stones under glass–vessel with sand–vase–wall decor fishes–plant ID: SC4-108658

Sunny Morning

Sunny Morning for The Sims 4 by soloriya Rustic set, includes 16 objects: storage, hallway table, dining table, dining chair, two baskets with berries and pepper, bowl with berries, jug, 3 kinds of books with decorative elements, book with a plant, two kinds of jars, cutting wall board and painting with vegetables. ID: SC4-108890

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