How to find what you’re looking for on the Sims Catalog

The Sims Catalog was founded with the goal of creating a site where fans could search for all the Custom Content (CC) creations for the Sims 4 in one place. With thousands of great creations being built every month across hundreds of sites, it can be difficult for fans to find what they’re looking for, even when searching through Google! We aim to provide a service to the Sims community by making it easier for fans to discover CC creations. To do this, we try to catalog and categorize every CC creation, and then provide search, browse & refine tools for fans to navigate our vast database.

Here are some tips on how to best find what you’re looking for:

1. The Search Bar

Seems simple enough, but there’s some parts that you might not know about. Like you can either search the entire site in one go by leaving it on the default “All Categories”, or filter your search to only look in specific categories.

Another feature we’ve added is auto-suggestions. If you’re okay with waiting 1-2 seconds after typing your search, our search engine will automatically suggest creations you might be interested in. Clicking on these will take you straight to the creation’s page, or alternatively you can just click the search button and go to the results page to see all the results.

2. Browsing Categories

Every creation on our site has been assigned to nearly 300 categories so you can view similar creations in one place and filter out everything else. You can find these on the left hand side of every page under “Sims 4 Categories”:

3. Refinements

Some categories are still too large to scroll through every page, so to make it easier to narrow down your search we’ve added Refinements to some of the categories. Refinements are additional filters within a category that remove results that don’t make your criteria. They will only appear when you’re in a category page that has them active. For example, if you’re looking to download a 30×20 Lot that doesn’t use any Custom Content and is under §150,000 then you use the filters provided below:

This will bring your results from nearly 5000 to just 200,  a much easier amount to handle! This is what your results will look like:

4. Frequently Viewed Together Suggestions

If you’re looking to be inspired, every Creation’s page has its own “Frequently Viewed Together” widget on the left of the image gallery and under the description. This tool uses advanced Machine Learning technology powered by Google, which is able to provide you with suggestions based on what other Sims fans like you also viewed (the same way does when you’re shopping on their site). You might find something new to love without even trying!