What is AdFly?

AdFly is a service that adds advertisements to page links. It is sometimes used by Content Creators to help them earn money for their work.

How does it work?

When you click on a green “Download” button from the Sims Catalog, it will redirect you to the creator’s page. Here is an example of our download buttons: ¬†– only click on these to be redirected to the creator’s site.

If the creator uses AdFly, then the download link on their site will send you to an AdFly page which can be identified by the blue “adf.ly” bar at the top of the page. Whatever the page says, DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS! Everything you see below the blue AdFly bar at the top is an advertisement that is unrelated to the Sims custom content.

Wait until the count down on the top right of the page goes to zero, and don’t click on anything else.

The countdown will then change to a yellow “SKIP AD” button, you may click on this. Please note that AdFly might try to open a pop-up advertisement in a new tab, close it if it does.

This will take you a new ‘Redirecting’ page, if it doesn’t take you to the real download page, then use the blue ‘click this link’.

Why do you add warnings about AdFly?

Although AdFly is a reputable company with legitimate advertisements, some of their pages use fake ‘Download’ buttons to try and trick users into clicking on them. These fake downloads can install viruses or spyware on to your computer and cause serious damage. In order to protect our users, we include AdFly warnings on our pages so they can learn more about how to download custom content safely.

If you find an item on The Sims Catalog that uses AdFly, but doesn’t have a warning, use the “Report An Issue” button and select “Item uses AdFly”.